Thursday, April 23, 2009


I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted selections from The Park Rapids Enterprise's incident report. Here are some recent happenings.
A male party was reported passed out in a truck in Arago Township, First Response arrived on the scene to learn he was taking a nap while waiting for a tow; A Rockwood Township caller reported her 18-year-old daugher is "out of control"; A Park Rapids caller reported being assaulted outside a Park Rapids bar, but the responding officer says the reporting party (RP) does not recall the assault and the manager is now calling about the RP being loud; A car eastbound on Hwy 34 was reported to be turning headlights on and off; "A lot of shooting" was reported in a sand pit in Rockwood township, caller found a considerable amount of litter when he arrived; A Fern Township caller reported neighbors dumping garbage in his driveway; A Farden Township caller reported "her uncle is drunk and out of control," he grabbed a knife, went to the back bedroom then outside; A Todd Township caller reported receiving harassing text messages from her children's father's new girlfriend; A Henrietta Township caller complained of a flashing light on a radio tower; A Park Rapids caller reported four small children in the backseat of a Neon, concerned with lack of carseats and seatbelts; A Park Rapids caller reported someone broke into her apartment while she was in jail; A Todd Township caller reported being slapped by his girlfriend, she left on foot, headed towards Park Rapids; A Park Rapids caller states "neighbor's footprints are in his mom's yard"; All the mailboxes on CSAH 32 to Highway 71 were open in Arago Township; Footprints were reported circling a Park Rapids yard, party appears to have been looking in windows; A Park Rapids caller reported a group of kids in the store are staggering, seem to be intoxicated; A Park Rapids caller reported someone breaking into their home, could hear scratching and pounding and saw hands; A trophy was stolen from an Arago Township residence, caller believes her ex-husband stole it; A little blue car "coming in from the west" was reported traveling at a high rate of speed; Gunshots were heard at the old Deer Town; A Park Rapids caller reported someone put something in her mailbox, would like to speak to an officer.

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