Thursday, February 24, 2011


All of January and nary a post. I was writing in my snowy den. My third January in Ohio was an interior one, literally and figuratively. Snowfall was too erratic to even snowshoe. The landscape was sometimes white as a page, other times brownish and deadish. Much like the writing cycle. We stoked the fireplace and got a lot done. I use Scrivener and on many days the little toolbar that shows your progress toward your target went from red to green, and sometimes even blue (exceeded!)

If you are writing a novel or collection or any kind of long-form project, you have got to try Scrivener.

I did start a Tumblr upon which I will post the Incident Reports. I like Tumblr so far, mostly because I like looking at queer old vintage photos and following various excellent book stores, whose Tumblr authors are just the kind of smart, witty readers & writers one would wish for as tastemakers in the bookselling world. Of Another Fashion, an outgrowth of the brilliant Threadbared academic/fashion blog, is an amazing archive of the style of women of color. I also really like the Lazy Book Reviewer and Things Organized Neatly. Things Organized Neatly exemplifies the purest form of my Virgo paradox, which is cluttered chaos on the macro and obsessive/aesthetic on the micro.

More coming soon.