Monday, April 13, 2009


Swearing at the Friday night meat raffle in Nevis (population 400) made the front page of a recent Park Rapids Enterprise. Wild times!


Amy said...

Honest to God, we all think the rise in cursing is attributable to my Aunt Renee who bought a cabin in Nevis last year and who religiously attends the meat raffle, usually with sacrilegious things on her mind. To these charges she said, "Fuckin' A, Amy! Shit, yeah!"
So it's confirmed. Though Aaron also remembers getting tossed from the nevis muni after discussing something filthy with Marty Benham, so it could also just be the bartender.
Hilarious article, though.

CHELSEY said...

Oh you wild Catholics!
Does shit get this crazy at the Two Inlets Country Store bar?

Amy said...

Sorry, I forgot to check back. No, we try not to frequent the local horseshoe. That 3.2 gives you a headache. Next time you come, though, we'll have to sit and take our penance (free beers) and let Hank run around our knees. They drink a weird thing there: bud and tomato juice. Not exactly my house cocktail of choice--oh god, not yet.

By the way, there are about 6 pairs of swans on the creek, honking and doing laps in pairs. Cruising main. So beautiful.