Thursday, October 30, 2008


The following search terms have apparently led people to this website over the past few months. I save the weirdest for their perversity and/or* strange poetry. Here are some mystifying favorites.
the deer pants -finlandia music

woman in blue shiny rain coats in bondage

it is tipped over so far that it appears to roll in space

silhouette of rabbits humping

practice how to label parts of the heart

where to get dolly parton birthday cards

karaoke Epic of a friend

"new york city" "hard place to live"

when they done closed end the sweden student admission in september 2008 session

distant melody from peter pan karaoke cd

is it true that cheerleader get finger banged at practice

cell phone antenna genocide

"deep forest" "nobody can bring"

ice coffin burial

And my all-time favorite, a mother's cri de coeur:
my 7 month old son has a husky voice why

*Incidentally: why can't English have a single word that means "and/or"? Is there any language that does? The construction is so graceless, but I find myself using it daily. (You say "ambiguous," I say "flexible.")


me said...

hi love,

i take your postscript as real, and not trolling. and i offer you this: "and/or" is for unhappy bureaucrats and the ironic.

if you're being technical, the single word for "and/or" you seek is sometimes "or" and is sometimes "and."

example1 ("or" allows for "and"): is it raining or sunny out? response: both! there should be a word for that!

example2 ("and" implies "or"): you may bring your cousins and brothers to the fair. response: ok, thanks i'll bring both, if they can make it, but i think my brother is in the army.

counter example ("or" can be limited): i am either a boy or a girl. response: why not both? reply: because i said "either" and that makes the "or" exclusive.

counter example (both): your sister and your wife must both come! response: ok, boss.

klem, øyv.

carrot quinn said...

Whoa! I, too, keep track of my google search keywords, but yours are way, way better! The best one I've had of recent weeks is

"I ate a carrot and it made my anxiety go away."

! ! !

Anonymous said...

Man, how does one keep their google search terms? These are great!

Anonymous said...

In German there is a similar word: beziehungsweise, abbreviated "bzw." If you look it up in a dictionary it won't say "and/or," but it is used in nearly the same way.

I was at the festivities in Tappan Square as well! Great description of the event :)