Thursday, October 16, 2008


Shenanigans galore and a touch of the paranormal in the Park Rapids area, courtesy as always of the good ship Enterprise:
A cash register was reported missing in Akeley; Three mailboxes were damaged in Lake Emma Township; An 11th Crow Wing Lake resident reported being unable to sleep because of music coming from Akeley; An Arago Township resident reported a strange light over the southwest corner of Potato Lake, thinks it may be a UFO (unidentified flying object); A loud party was reported in Todd Township, possible underage drinking; Tires were slashed in Helga Township; An Akeley Township caller reported someone trying to kick in his windows; A Lakeport Township resident reported his tires slashed twice in two days; A vehicle was reported passing in the no passing zone; A Park Rapids caller reported receiving a phone call form a person who states her car windows will be broken tonight; A cash register was reported in the river in Nevis Township; A driver was reported leaving a Lake Alice Township bar intoxicated; A Henrietta Township caller found a car on his property and would like to speak to an officer; Harassing e-mails were reported in Akeley; Pain reliever Percocet was reported stolen from a Park Rapids residence; A loud pickup was reported tearing around on the road in Nevis Township; ATVs were reported tearing up the Nevis High School parking lot; A caller reported deer appearing to suffer from malnutrition in a fenced area in Todd Township; An older male was hit by a tractor tire in Hubbard County, ambulance requested; A Straight River Township caller reported cows in her yard again.
It's hunting season, so I expect the next few Incident Reports might get a bit rowdy.

Here is a picture from Uff Da Days, which took place in Nevis on Labor Day weekend. Photo not mine (I wish!)--full gallery here.

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