Monday, November 19, 2007


Today, my regrets and curses are many.

I rue that I am designing an extensive graphic-laden book project using Quark XPress (to be fair, standard in 2002, when I started);
I rue that I chose to install Mac OX 10.5 Leopard yesterday;
I rue that Leopard and Quark, it turns out, cannot make PDF babies together;
and that Adobe will not have a fix for this until January 2008;
I rue that all of this happened as the deadline bears down upon me, a charging bull of a deadline, snorting fearsomely as I wave my impotent Quark noodle;
I rue that I cannot uninstall Leopard, and even if I could, I cannot find my OS 10.4 Tiger install discs, nor can I downgrade without erasing my entire hard drive and starting anew.

Dear loyal and good MacBook Pro, I am so sorry I have burdened you with this g-damn stupid upgrade.
Dear readers, I am sorry for this angry nerd post.
Fuck Leopard.

Not that one, he's okay.

[UPDATE: I figured out a loophole! Save as a PDF through the print menu. It's not perfect--it won't process some of the images--but it saves me from transferring everything back and forth to my weary, creaky 2003 iBook.]

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing nerdy about computer talk! Though I am sorry for your technology-related troubles.