Monday, November 5, 2007


A quickie: Two of my favorite music-makers light up the inaugural day of NPR's surprising and delightful new music site.

Stephin Merritt constructs a new song, "Man of a Million Faces," in 48 hours. You can watch or listen. I heard it on the radio, driving home in the dark down the winding back roads, heat on, just my headlights and the farms and then Forest Park, and it was a perfect radio moment. He thinks about structure in such a fascinating way. This song is like a barber pole--it goes up and up and up. But you might not notice unless you were listening for it. When I hear him talk about song structure, I start to think about how I could apply it to story structure.

He is all about the waveforms. (Many of the beats on Holiday were, in fact, he made with hand-drawn waveforms.) Also, he hits the floor tom with a maraca.

And Carrie is all up in the Monitor Mix.

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a car, a man, a maraca