Wednesday, October 17, 2007


All right, time for another Incident Report from the Park Rapids Enterprise. I could pretty much run this one verbatim, it's so rich, but here's the cream:
A Park Rapids caller reported kids fighting at the skate park and a semi that's been running for two days; A small purple bike was reported left at a Park Rapids park for several days, it's now in caller's garage; A car surrounded by kids was reported to be a traffic hazard on 12th Street, "looks like they may have a problem"; A couple of teenagers in Park Rapids appeared to be hot-wiring a car; A school bus stop arm violation was reported in Park Rapids, six kids on the ground; A caller asked to speak to an officer after his neighbor threatened to kill him; A Park Rapids store employee reported an intoxicated individual stealing and sexually harassing her with a Playboy; Half-empty cans of paint and paint thinner were reported in the ditch in Crow Wing Lake Township; A White Oak Township resident reported a man checking out his place with binoculars and "engaging in other suspicious activity"; A pickup with its hood up was parked in a Park Rapids lot for about six hours, occupant appeared to be sleeping; A hole was cut in a Henrietta Township fence; A Henrietta Township resident reported someone dumping gas in her garage; A caller reported that the "neighbor is once again cutting the trees down in her yard"; A white car with no license plates was reported parked in Park Rapids, "looks suspicious"; A minivan was reported parked on Riverside all week, "doesn't belong to anyone at Cornerstone"; A Park Rapids caller reported a female "finished it off," referring to vandalism that had been interrupted by officer intervention the night before; A Park Rapids caller reported former tenants are backed up to his shed and are in the process of stealing items.

I've spared you a particularly depressing Animal-related section, which involved loose cows, several injured deer, and a dog beating. (Or maybe now I haven't.)

Main Street, last December.

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