Wednesday, September 12, 2007

T:BA Festival

I'm a member of the "Press Corps" for PICA's Time-Based Art Festival this year. I have been gorging myself on performances and art and performance art. Here are links to writeups I've done so far (most with pictures too):

• Seeing Mikhail Baryshnikov dance in Donna Uchizono's Leap to Tall
• A breathtaking light installation of constructed eclipses
Mirah and Spectratone International
• A roving guy reading On The Road aloud

I am formulating things to write about some of the other things I've seen--Taylor Mac, William Kentridge's 9 Drawings for Projection, the Dutch theater/film group Kassys' weirdly awesome Kommer. And there's still a whole slew of things to hit this weekend. I'll update as I go.

Here's Kassys, the super cute Dutch film/theater group.

UPDATE: I got sick! Terribly sick! And missed almost everything after. But despite anyone's better judgment, I staggered down to see the Nature Theater of Oklahoma's No Dice Saturday night.

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