Saturday, September 29, 2007


Another edition of selected Incidents from the police blotter of the Park Rapids Enterprise, my hometown newspaper.
A car with a lot of people in it was reported sitting in a Park Rapids lot; A Lakeport Township resident reported lending his snowmobile to a friend a couple of years ago, the friend died and his girlfriend sold it; "Fighting and drinking" were reported in Farden Township; A parked semi was reported running for more than 24 hours;
A Park Rapids caller reported asking the neighbors to turn down the music and was threatened with being shot; An intoxicated female was reported lying on the road; A caller reported getting constant calls from a recorded message; A Park Rapids apartment manager reported a man who's not supposed to be there is refusing to leave, locking himself in the bathroom; A caller reported a driver tried to get her to race at the Highway 34/71 stoplight, he followed her, passing and slowing to 20 mph; A drunk Park Rapids apartment tenant was reported swearing at children; A neighbor was reported moving property line markers; Gunshots were heard in Mantrap Township, caller thinks someone may be lost; A Park Rapids caller reported a male making threats toward her regarding her stolen vehicle; Loud music and kids in the middle of Main were reported; Two people in a car were reported acting suspicious, caller thinks they're smoking something; A caller asked for assistance in retrieving his cellphone from an ex-girlfriend; A Crow Wing Lake resident reported a horse in the driveway.
Home sweet home!


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robert said...

i can't stomach how charming this is.