Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No Pants / No Shock

Goodbye Norway,

hello Stockholm.

I went to the Moderna Museet today to see this Paul McCarthy exhibit that keeps getting written up. It is purportedly gross and shocking and controversial--the hype has been sort of Karen Finley crossed with Sensations hoopla. Not suitable for young viewers, etc. I came in the back door and so the first thing I encountered was a screen in the hallway that played a taped interview with Paul McCarthy. He was talking about how his art was his critical commentary on America. How America always looks in, never looks out. Here he was, looking closer. That sounded good.

My enduring impression: chocolate syrup, ketchup, and lots of dicks. Plus some garbage and gore and Disneyland. Tell me something about America I don't know.

I'm not saying that in a snarky way. I genuinely wish for it.

Then I went into the "Framtida" ("The Future") part of the museum, and right away in the first room there were three pieces by Swedish artists that focused solely on American cultural figures and icons.

Have you ever wondered what a moose looks like when it is sleeping?
Well, here:

See baby moose back there too.

This reindeer allowed me to rub his sweet antlers.

They were velvety and knobby and they felt alive.

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