Saturday, July 8, 2006

I Am The Adult Here

Hi. I'm in Norway. I miss you, my friends, and that is why I am writing this, because I am terrible at e-mailing and there is so little time that is my own and yet I want to tell you about all these things that would be sorely underrepresented in the returned-to-Portland summary "It was amazing."

Five days ago I felt crazy. Now I feel excellent. Possible factors:

a. I have been broken down and remolded, Stockholm-Syndrome style, by spending ten days exclusively in the company of four sixteen-year-olds
b. jet lag is over
c. I stopped flagellating myself Virgo-style for errors and imperfections, this being the first time this program has ever been conducted, and me also being (so to speak) total solo artist here, sans gear, stage, instruments, set list, songs for that matter, or vehicle
d. I now feel at home again here. Which I realized while watching Norwegian TV last night.

For a while there, it was just me and the fjord at night.

This is what it looks like around midnight.

I go and sit on that little dock down there, and sometimes I get a chocolate thing from the Statoil station across the street. And I look at the fjord.

It is four thousand feet deep.
Currently it contains one lens of my glasses, somewhere near the left end of that bridge, but I will write about that another time.

Meanwhile if you want to see what else has been going on, go to, which is where my four kids have been posting daily. I let them handle the content but I take most of the pictures. Norway through my eyes, their brains.

Love, Chelsey

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