Monday, December 22, 2014


What would bring this vintage blog creaking back into use? Only the incident report. From the latest Park Rapids Enterprise, the above is only the beginning. Other notable incidents:

• A vehicle in a Park Rapids lot was "parked wrong," has been there since 6 a.m., unknown if occupied;
• A Todd Township caller requested assistance in getting a very intoxicated female removed from her residence, called back and said she left with a sober driver;
• A Becker County deputy reported a male on a bike riding down the middle of the road in Todd Township;
• A male was reported on the shoulder waving a flashlight in Farden Township;
• A Lake George caller stated a member of his crew witnessed a pickup truck driving down in the ditches and back and forth on the shoulder;
• A Lakeport Township caller reported a vehicle on the lake via the Laporte access, they feel it should not be there as the ice is cracking and they are spinning tires;
• A Park Rapids caller asked to speak with an officer in reference to a problem with her ex-husband's new wife;
• Erratic driving was reported in Henrietta Township, driver pretending to pass non-existing cars and weaving back into the line of traffic;
• A male wrapped in a blanket was trying to flag down vehicles in Todd Township;
• A Farden Township caller reported a "bird strike," damage to bumper

When my dad and I walked across the bridge the other morning, we discovered that frost flowers had formed on the Fishhook River's thin skin of ice.

Those are my Steger Mukluks, which are depressed about Virginia's pathetic performance in the snow department. We are both made in Minnesota and prefer our winters deep and cold.

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