Sunday, July 11, 2010


How did you get here, Googlers of the world? Some recent search phrases that have (mis)led lost souls to ye olde Practice Space:

hockey player names that sound like food

are beagles supposed to eat Cool Whip

1950s housewife fetish

is my head an antenna

leaving a message listening practice (this one was from Berlin)

what could i get at walmart to practice deep throat

vibrating sounds gay

space basket

homoerotic wrestling stories

devotionals for deer hunters

pedal bumping girls

8 yr old using buoyancy in a sentence

stomach small girls video flet vacuum

are capricorn girls admirable


tilda said...

YES, Capricorn girls are admirable! I don't know about the rest of that... But you should write a nice homoerotic wrestling story for the next poor soul to find you.

Fuelcycler said...

That was amazing! "what could i get at walmart to practice deep throat" Are you kidding me?


For real! All of it!

Tilly, I actually have written that story! It was one of the 7" series. E-mail me if you want a PDF.