Friday, October 9, 2009


That's the name of my radio show on WOBC. I'm on Fridays, noon to one (EST). I play music made by/with women (and girls.) I'm about to head over to the station for round four.

A moment of anxiety hit after show number two or so when I thought, Oh no, I'm going to run out! I'd already played many of my favorites, the songs that made me go who is THIS? the first time I heard them. And I never want to be the DJ who plays all riot grrrl and/or the same handful of bands every time. Especially '90s Northwest bands.

The good news is, I am never going to run out. There is so much weird, inventive, great music made by female musicians across the last century. And I have become obsessive about digging through eMusic and Amazon marketplace etc. I can't stop listening to the Brazilian all-woman postpunk group As Mercenárias. I really like the High Places, especially "Storm" and "Gold Coin." Bettye Swann's "Don't Touch Me" runs through my head all day. I remembered about the Bush Tetras. I'm keeping my eye out for a Las Ultrasónicas album that's under 20 bucks.

Incidentally, if anyone has the Thompson Twins' "This Is A Foxy World" you could make my day. (My gmail moniker is chelseyjohnson.)

Over and out, off to play! Today all I know is there'll be some Mo-Dettes, Sharon Jones, Jenny Hoyston, Antietam, Twinkle, Pens, and maybe the Chiffons "Nobody Knows What's Going On In My Mind But Me."


Aunt Red said...

Aw, you stole my idea for KPSU.
That's cool, though. I'll just steal the music from yours I don't already know. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I wonder if I can link into your show over the internet! I forget the radio streaming site, but we used to get KPRM in Brooklyn.

Sarah Faith said...

Jenny Hoyston and I DJ'ed only women's voices last night at a dance party. It was a fun challenge that I want to repeat. Au Pairs, the Slits, ESG, Telepathe,Gina X, Malaria, Donna Summer, Madonna, Ashanti, Trina, etc etc etc.

Lars Engström said...

Some ten years back I realised that my CD-collection had an outrageous bias toward male artists. I decided to buy 50/50 hence, and have never looked back. -Don't women get on sale faster, too? (saves money)

May I suggest some recent favourites; Elin Sigvardsson, 4 strings, Sahara Hotnights, Rebecka Törnqvist (I just love her Swedish language album "vad jag vill").