Monday, September 7, 2009


My friend Matilda (Tilly, you witty brainiac, why aren't you a blog writer?) pointed me toward the site of one Kat and her dry, funny, compulsively readable stories about working at Portland strip clubs and the general weird politics and culture of stripping. Like,
My psychiatrist regular paid me to talk to him about my love life, which is our usual thing. He never buys dances or sits at the rack, he just hands me $20’s to talk to him while he drinks gin and plays video poker. I try to make stuff up that is loosely based on the truth.
Now that you can't make up.

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tilda said...

I had blogged on myspace, but then I just got weirded out by customers reading it, and now I am stuck because I can't decide whether I should try to go for absolute anonymity or throw caution to the winds.

I just got New Kings of Non-fiction from title wave and was saddened by the lack of females too, but I did learn that Val Kilmer wrote a book of poetry! it was worth the 2$.