Friday, January 30, 2009


Well. I fell into a January torpor, fingers numbed by deep subzero temperatures, brain numbed by too much free time, and pleasantly distracted by books and travel and a very hot log-fired sauna.

Many posts in the hopper, coming soon.

In the meantime, here is a tip, in case you decide to drive on a lake.

Make sure you drive with your door slightly ajar. That way, if your car falls through the ice, you can hop out right away.

You won't necessarily have time to roll down the window and swim out. True story, per my Dad: Someone drove over a place where the ice had cracked and the crack had then branched. When his car hit this spot, a third crack connected the previous two to form a triangle, which broke and sank beneath the weight of the vehicle. This guy, whose door was prudently ajar, jumped out just in time to see
his car plunge through the hole;
and rapidly sink;
and the thick triangle of ice bob back up and snap right back into place like nothing had happened.

This made my breath come short. The thought of looking up at that impenetrable ice ceiling, and the light illuminating it where the snow was washed off.

You can bet that if I ever drive on a lake--I have walked, snowshoed, skied, and dogsledded upon them, but never motored--I will be that annoying person who insists on holding the door open despite the -46 windchill. And I will not budge.


donal Mosher said...

Go see FROZEN RIVER if you haven't yet - it will really fuck with you! In a good way.!

click clack gorilla said...

jesus shit. scary. but sort of in that exciting, action film sort of way. interesting post. cheers.

the unreliable narrator said...

Holy hoarfrost—I live in ARIZONA and this is scary. I will always, always keep my door open from now on. When driving across a thin sheet of frozen water covering a large, deep, dark, lethal body of non-frozen water. Yes.