Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My friend Lena is an artist and Ukrainian and used to wear a gray coat with a huge furry collar that she called Squirrel Girl. In college we played in a band called Endor with our friends Ginger and Gillian. At one show when Lena was drumming on our cover of "The Metro" by Berlin she played so hard her hands bled. Like, blood spattered the snare. At this same show I was wearing a unisuit made entirely of duct tape. It was astonishingly heavy.

Lena drew this eleven years ago when we were still in school. Since then it has hung on the walls of many of my dwellings.

Those last few panels get me every time.

Lena has started posting Manic Cat things here, and I can't wait until a decade's worth of drawings and wood-block prints and silkscreens and mythology all get collected in a completist Manic Cat compendium. Would a book hold it all? It might need to be some kind of box set.

P.S. Ask Lena permission if you want to repost it.

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