Thursday, June 12, 2008


Slight format change! The Park Rapids Enterprise, along with its redesign, has cut back on the "caller reported" prefix for many of the entries. Oh well. The new, concise, yet no less eventful, Incident Report:
No wake sign in water; While going to get spare flat tire fixed, someone trashed his vehicle in Clay Township; Domestic with one bleeding from his head in Akeley Township; Nevis Township resident reports tampering with his web site as well as some activity on his property; Domestic between two sisters in Farden Township; Several mailboxes damaged by "someone with a hatchet" and "mail all over the place" in Lakeport Township; Six to seven pieces of plywood fell off a truck at the intersection of Hwy 34 and CSAH 1 in Park Rapids, truck has not stopped to pick it up and traffic is backing up; Minors on the bridge at Fish Hook in Park Rapids, changing in public and jumping off bridge; Gas cap busted on his Mercury Mountaineer, owner thinks they were trying to steal gas; Highly intoxicated, middle-aged man riding bicycle on Pleasant, caller worried he might get hit; Kids racing gas remote control cars up and down the middle of the road in Park Rapids; Lake George Township resident came home and noticed a bullet hole at her home; Male sleeping by the steeple in Park Rapids; Kids having a fire in their driveway in Park Rapids; Neighbors burning, lots of heavy black smoke in Farden Township.
That last one sounds brutal and/or apocalyptic.

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