Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Labi Siffre records arrived and here's the full version of what I mentioned earlier, as it appears in the liner notes of Remember My Song, re: Eminem's sampling of "I Got The..." in his hit "My Name Is."
I've read several inaccurate reports about that song so I will clarify.
1) I wrote it (including the bass riff)
2) When asked to give permission for the sample to be used, I requested changes because I thought some of the lyric was lazy writing. Attacking two of the usual scapegoats, women and gays, is lazy writing.

If you want to be radical, if you want to do battle, attack the aggressors, not the victims. Attack the abusers of power. Attack theism (the new fascism). Attack Christian religious leaders who don't live in poverty, preferring not to emulate JC. Attack child abuse where most happens: in the home. Attack believers who incite the murder of wielders of free expression. Attack corrupt politicians and systems.

"Woman is the nigger of the world." Bravo Yoko. They do about 70% of the work, control about 1% of the resources. They bear most of the effects of war, famine and poverty. Around 80,000,000 of them have to put with the pain and medical problems of female genital mutilation purely to please the fragile egos of gutless men. How would Eminem 'n' Dre and their record company executives feel about having to piss through a straw for the rest of their bladder-infected lives. You wanna be radical? Attack sexism. Attack racism and heterosexism self-servingly euphemised as homophobia. It ain't a phobia. It's bigotry plain and simple, like racism--and no, just like heterosexuality, it ain't a preference, bro. Rant over.

Had it been original work, I would have noted it as the common currency of badly written rap (bitches, hoes 'n' fags) and got on with my stuff. But I don't want my work to be used that way. They made the changes. I gave my permission. It was a success. Smiles all around. End of story.
Plus how great is this album cover.

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